Psycho-Pass Game Sentaku Naki Koufuku Announced for Xbox

psycho-passThe Psycho-pass inspired Xbox One game ‘Sentaku Naki Koufuku’ by 5pb. is going to be shown officially at the Microsoft booth during next month’s Tokyo Game Show. The game’s translation is Psycho-Pass: Happiness Without Choice.

Although the game will cover the first six episodes of the original anime, Gen Urobuchi and and Nitro+ will move the setting from the urban world of the anime to a faraway island. The players will have the possibility to enter this new world though the eyes of a female and male playable character, each not part of the original story.

The gameplay will be enhanced via the use of Kinnect and SmartGlass, but if the player prefers, there will also be a possibility to play the full game without these two.

Anime creator Kyoji Asano will return to work on the character design for this game and joining him are the also-returning characters from Unit 1 and their seiyuu (although not all seiyuu’s returns have been confirmed, the majority will).

We are awaiting more details such as price and release date during the Tokyo Game Show

Source: Official Website

So, how long do you think it will take for you to finish Sentaku Naki Koufuku?

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