Ai Tenchi Muyo!’s New Characters Revealed

Ai Tenchi MuyoUpcoming anime Ai Tenchi Muyo!‘s official website has just been updated with new character profiles. Meet the eight new girls and a boy below.

Hachiko, student council enforcer. A chivalrous, high-spirited, and exceptionally brave lady. She loves Momo and considers all who go near Momo her enemies. (second right)

Hana Saryu, student council accountant. An aikido master with a quite flirtatious personality. (third left)

Touri Fueyama, student council clerk. Always calm and composed. A top student. (third right)

Yuki Fuka, Science club president. The Science club is in an open rivalry with the Student Council. Yuki is an unyielding and brave girl with a hot temper. (fourth left)

Rui Aoi, member of the Science club. A childhood friend of Fuka and quite a glutton. (fourth right)

Ukan Kurihara, a teacher who is a senpai to Tenchi. Often offers him guidance and support. When it comes to students, however, she’s often seen using the rod. (fifth left)

They join the already known characters: Tenchi Masaki, Momo Kawanagare and Beni Kinojyou, respectively the first three heads in the image (top left, top right, second left).

Source: Official Ai Tenchi Muyo! website
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