Funimation’s Hellsing Ultimate Won’t Include The Dawn II and III

hellsing ultimateFunimation entertainment has just confirmed the saddening news that anime specials The Dawn II and III will not be included in the upcoming Hellsing Ultimate releases. The rights for distributing those episodes have not been given to the North American company.

The Dawn specials are accompanying episodes VIII, IX and X of the Japanese releases, but unfortunately this will not be the case with the English ones. Only episode 1 of the specials has been acquired and released.

For those of you who do not know, The Dawn is a prequel manga to the original storyline. It focuses on the World War Two events and the endeavours of Alucard in a female form and a much younger version of Walter. The two of them have been sent on a mission to Warsaw, Poland with the task to  destroy Millennium’s settlements.

Source: Funimation Entertainment

Are you still going to purchase the series in English?

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