Durarara!!x2 New Art Available. Meet Aoba Kuronuma

durarara x2Aoba Kuronuma is one of the characters seen in the three new visual artworks released on the official website of Durarara!!x2. The series will begin in January 2015 and will be a sequel to the first series from several years ago (2010) where we met all other characters from the artworks. Meet with new character Aoba Kuronuma below.

Aoba Kuronuma appears in the fourth volume of Ryohgo Narita (Story) and Suzuhito Yasuda’s (Art) light novels. He is a good-looking first year in Raira Academy and is often seen around Mikado who is his senpai in the Academy. Apart from this relationship, Kuronuma is also seen as the enemy of Izaya Orihara. Both characters have their own manipulative ways and like to cheat to get to their not-that-good aims, but while one doesitfor the sake of the humanity he ‘loves’, the other does it for the sake of ruining the humanity he ‘loathes’. Far from arguing, however, he is very friendly with the Orihara twins… after managing to get a rip around them in the first place.

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Source: Durarara!!x2 Official Website

Images: ©2014 成田良悟/KADOKAWA アスキー・メディアワークス刊/池袋ダラーズ

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