Trinity Seven: Series’ Second Preview Available (Video)

Check out this cool new video where you can meet all the cute, dangerous and amorous main characters from the upcoming (in October) TV anime series Trinity Seven. This is the second video (first also available on the official website, linked below) and you can also listen to the theme song which is audible throughout the video!

The anime is an adaptation of the original Akinari Nao (illustrations) and Kenji Saito’s (story) original manga Trinity Seven: 7-nin no Masho Tsukai serialised in Dragon Age magazine. In the story we follow the events after a devastating phenomenon known as the Black Sun and its destructive powers. The life of Arata Kasuga will never be the same, especially with all those magicians coming to town.


Source: Official Website

Ecchi-ness seems to have taken over the upcoming season. Any opinion?

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