Hanamonogatari Trailer Released

Hanamonogatari II (Monogatari Series Second Season) is starting this 16th August. The series is going to spread in just five episodes which will marathon in Japan. The video, which can be viewed on the show’s original website, features also the theme song Hanaato -shirushi-.

Tooe Kanbaru will be played by Michiko Neya, the one who did Shaman King’s Tao Jun. Kana Asumi, on the other hand, will play Rouka Numachi. Asumi-chan has already done an impression especially with Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream’s Aira. Characters Suruga Kanbaru and Ougi Oshino will have their original voices back (Miyuki Sawashiro and Kaori Mizuhashi).

Director of this show is Tomoyuki Itamura and Akiyuki Shinbo is chief director and series script supervisor (alongside Fuyashi Tou). Character designs are in the hands of Akio Watanabe who will be basing them on the original ones by VOFAN’s in NisiOisin’s original novel.

Source: Official Website (see video link)


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