Working!! the Manga to End with Volume 13

「WORKING!!」第12巻Karino Takatsu’s manga Working!! is going to end with its 13th volume. It will come out on 25th December this year. The manga began in 2005 and was adapted in the Wagnaria!! TV anime series.

Working!! introduces us to the young Souta Takanashi who works as a part-timer at a restaurant where his colleagues are of the weirdest and strangest types. Popura looks so tiny, but is elderly while Mahiru is androphobic (fear of men, humans). The chef Satou is a stoic to the very core while the cook Souma is probably the biggest gossiper around. Even the restaurant manager Kyouko is odd – the laziest person around! With all these characters in the same place, actual work is somewhat obstructed, making place for numerous crazily cool and funny events and situations.

Source: Square Enix’s Shounen Gangan

I wonder what will its readers use as a substitute. Any ideas?

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