New Designs for Naruto The Last Movie Revealed

naruto movie 2014Masashi Kishimoto will also be creating the movie-special character designs for Sakura, Sai and Shikamaru. The the characters have somewhat grown up and small, but visible changes are there. See how the original creator decided to transform his own characters for the upcomong Naruto movie 7 The Last -Naruto Movie-.

The upcoming movie will premiere across Japan on 6th December this year.

naruto the last designs

For those interested, the texts beside each image put some light on how the designs have changed – Shikamaru’s still as stern as ever but his face lines are much adult-like, Sakura has a more woman-like figure with better curves and a charming smile, Sai’s facial expression is colder and his clothes have changed.

Source: Weekly Shounen Jump issue 37-38

Are you wondering why they are all growing up for the last movie or have you already deciphered the riddle?

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