New Gurls und Panzer Manga Announced

コミックフラッパー FLAPPERA new Girls und Panzer manga will begin serialisation in Comic Flapper (published by Media Factory). The full title of the project is Girls & Panzer: Ribon no Musha (The Ribbo Warrior). Chapter one will be available in the magazine’s October issue.

Apart from a new series, the project features even more innovations such as… a new heroine! According to the story released to the public, we will meet a new girl whose fate has been changed forever because of Ouarai Girls Academy’s victory at the 63rd National High School Tankery Games. The new girl’s schoolis not confirmed yet.

Source: Comic Flapper

Do you think this can give birth to a new anime?Or maybe you’ve had enough of the charming girls an their tanks? Share your opinion below!

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