Studio Ghibli to Close the Production Department?

IMG_3292_20140803232842238.jpgThe internet went ablaze earlier today with the news of “Studio Ghibli shutting down”. The interview quoted and the original source is mainly a post on one of the social networks and no certain official information has been released, but there is really a high possibility for this news to become reality.

The information comes from a segment from an interview Toshio Suzuki gave for the Japanese media MBS in its still unaired episode of Jounetsu Tairiku. In the images we see the following quotes:

“We’re thinking about disbanding the production department”

“It would bring a big change to the larger view of Studio Ghibli.”

“Hayao Miyazaki’s retirement surely took a toll on the studio and we have to stop, maybe just this one time, and this about what we will do about Ghibli.”

Currently, the news is not a major-scale one in Japan. Only user blogs and social media posts are swarming up. This is going to change for sure, though, when the full episode of Jounetsu airs and all Suzuki-sensei had said comes clear.

Source: blog post & Kotaku

How would you feel if this news is confirmed?

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