Pure Yuri Anthology Hirari Is No More!

玄鉄絢 『五十鈴のカウンター』               (再録)

Shinshokan is ceasing publication of its yuri-specific manga magazine Pure Yuri Anthology Hirari. The magazine started in 2010 and was published three times per year (once every 4 months). This makes a total of 14 issues. With the latest one, the life of this magazine has ended.

The staff left a long note about the magazine and noted that while the pages might shrivel and disappear, there are things much stronger than them that will keep on living on. They also wished all the best for their readers and mangaka, after thanking them.

“Let’s meet again, somewhere” was also said in the note.

Milk Morinaga, Ayami Kazada, Yoko Imamura and Gido Amagakure are just four of the names whose manga was published in the magazine. There is still not clear information if and where to the ongoing series will be transferred.

Source: Yuri magazine Pure Yuri Anthology Hirari

Now, whoever has been reading this, though I am not sure I have many yuri otaku, what will you be doing now?

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