Free! Eternal Summer – A Spirit Duckling for Nitori as Well!

free eternal summerFree! Eternal Summer anime character Aiichiro Nitori also got his very own spirit animal. This is the newest character after Sosuke‘s whale shark. Want to know more about Aiichiro’s duck? Read below and don’t forget to share which one of the animals you think best suits its swimming buddy!

Aiichiro Nitori is the best swimmer in Samezuka Academy’s swimming team when it comes to breaststroke and freestyle. He’s in his second year at the academy and loves to chat and joke. He also enjoying making fun of the Iwatobi swimming team especially about their feminine names.

His charm bears the white duck symbol. This is probably a confusing “water” animal to many, but let me remind you once more about Rei’s butterfly animal. Just like Rei’s, the duck is also not easily related to swimming (although I’m sure most of the people who read this will mark the connection from the moment they read it).

Although not related to a swimming style(Butterfly), the duck is one of the few swimming birds. This is because of their light bodies, webbed feet and the specially coated feathers they have.

Source: Kyoto Animation

The deal is simple – you swim well and look cool, you get an own animal symbol.

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