Zettai Karen Children’s Last Arc Is Coming up Next!

zettai karen childrenThe Zettai Karen Children manga by Takashi Shiina’s last arc is coming up next. It will start in the 39th issue of Shogakukan’s Weekly Shonen Sunday magazine. This was announced with the 34th one on Wednesday.

The Zettai Karen Children (Absolutely Lovely Children) story began with three young, elementary school girls (Kaoru, Aoi and Shiho) and their live as secret top-agents in the organisation which will change the world by protecting the humans from the evil espers. The girls themselves wield special abilities. The story continued with the second arc where The Children passed on to middle school and will end with their life as high school students.

Here’s what the preview says:

Grown up to be absolutely lovely, it resumes!
The white canvas that is the future is right ahead…!!
The girls finally return, and have become high school students… Serialisation will resume, powered-up and even more lovely! In addition, even a new character will make an appearance, and will change destiny substantially! Please look forward to seeing The Children take one step closer to adulthood.

This manga, which began serialisation in 2005, gave life to two TV anime series – Zettai Karen Children and Zettai Karen Children -The Unlimited- Hyubu Kyousuke. Both series were quite the favourites of the crowds, even if the second and newer one was more like a spin-off continuation than a real canon one.

Source: Weekly Shounen Sunday

Are already feeling old? Do you remember when the three odd balls were just getting into school?

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