Tekken 7 with Real Engine 4

Tekken 7, the newest instalment in the Japanese fighting franchise, is coming to stores later this year. With the amazing Unreal Engine 4 in its team and a lot of innovations, the story should suffer… But it seems not, as seen in the new trailer video.

This amazing video, representing a part of the back story in Tekken 7, was leaked earlier today by IGN. Although the original video is no longer available, you can still watch it in the source link below.

What’s strange about Tekken 7 is not that it will be improved, but that it uses the Unreal Engine 4 technology, usually a trademark for shooters and games and no other fighting game uses it.

Expect more information after San Diego Comic-Con which will be held on 25th July this year. The production team and Bandai Namco Games has promised us a lot of details to come out then.

Source: GameInformer

Which Tekken game do you like the most?

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