Free! Eternal Summer News! Sosuke’s Animal Is a Whale Shark
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The latest news around the new Free! Iwatobi Swim Club TV anime series is that we now know what water animal relates to the new character in the show Sosuke Yamazaki. The whale shark is the biggest fish to exist in this age… Read more below!

All who watched the show know that there just cannot be a character, especially a main one, that does not have a related animal (a.k.a. spirit animal). All of the original ones have – Haruka and the dolphin, Makoto and the orca, Rin and the shark, Nagisa and the penguin, and Rei and the butterfly (yes, butterfly). Well, the new addition also has a spirit animal and it’s the largest fish to live on Earth as we know it – the whale shark.

A whale shark

Harmless to humans and other animals, these sharks are “filter” type, meaning they don’t really chew their food but filter the water and whatever doesn’t pass on is being digested.This is usually small fish and plankton. This animal prefers the warm equatorial oceanic waters and has a distinctive, dotted, pattern on its back.

Read more about the whale shark on BBC (where I got the shark image from).

Source: Kyoni Shop

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