The New Doraemon Movie: Nobita no Space Heroes Uchuu Eiyuu-ki

ドラえもんA bit at a time, the production team for the upcoming Doraemon movie are releasing details for the project. The film, which will come out in Japan in 2015, will be entitled Doraemon: Nobita no Space Heroes Uchuu Eiyuu-ki (translation – Doraemon: Doraemon: Nobita’s Space Hero Record of Space Heroes).

In this movie we will follow the main characters as they take on the roles of space heroes! Not only are they in space, but they also wield supernatural abilities…

Shizuka has Water Control and Nobita has the ability to use the Cat’s Cradle move. Suneo also has a change in his abilities – a drill for a left arm. Gian has Super Strength while Doraemon himself has the Super Punch power!

Nine days from now, on 19th July, the official website will release the first official trailer for the project.

Source: Coro Coro Comic

The question is… do these movies bring anything new or interesting to the community and the art of anime?

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