New Vocaloid Announced. Her Name’s Galaco.

Galaco is a very charming sweet Vocaloid with colourful hair and a double-trouble voice library. She is developed by Jiro Tomioka and will be available from next month. Both digital and boxed VOCALOID3 Library Galaco NEO sets will be purchasable soon!

Voice acting this time is Japanese singer Kou Shibasaki. She’s famous in her country and abroad only because of her works in anime such as Dodoro and Battle Royale. She’s also done several theme songs for live-action movies.

The new software can be purchased starting 5th August and will cost 17,280 Japanese yen (equal to about 125 euro). The two voice galleries it comes with are called Galaco Red and Galaco Blue.

Source: ASCII

Are you ready? Which library do you think will be better Red or Blue?

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