Gangsta Manga Gets Animated – A Happy Day!

Hey, everyone! Do you remember when I was working alongside the awesome EGScans for a couple of issues of their magazine? Well, the manga review I did for them in the very first issue of the magazine is getting an anime adaptation! That is correct – Gangsta will come to the screens!

The story revolves around a couple of men that call themselves “Benrya”. These two, Nicolas and Worick, are the town’s errand boys. Well, you shouldn’t expect them to buy sweets for the kids while you’re at work… more like get someone heavily beat-up!

Beware – the story is a full-fledged seinen with the naked prostitutes, brutally offensive gangsters and the mafia which are… well, the mafia.

The cast fro the manga-based drama CD will return for the show. This means…

Junichi Suwabe as Worick Arcangelo

Kenjiro Tsuda as Nicolas Brown

Mamiko Noto as Alex Benedetto


Are you feeling the hype already?

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