Zankyou no Tokyo Anime FeaturedHave you ever felt like something’s wrong with our world? That a loud wake-up call will make wonders and will mend humanity? You’re not alone. In Zankyou no Terror (a.k.a. Terror in Tokyo or Terror in Resonance) you can see what could happen if you’re serious about waking humanity from the slumber.

The show is starting on 10th July and is an original TV anime series by MAPPA and director Shinichirou Watanabe (Cowboy Bebop, Samurai Champloo).


Tokyo. A normal town in the modern world? Not at all. The city, until recently a full of life beehive of working people and their monotonous lives, is now a devastated zone in ruins. This is the result of a heavily aggressive terrorist attack on the Japanese capital. Ever since then, nothing is the same. Could this be the wake-up call we all need?

Paranoia and panic are raising even more in the minds of the fear-stricken citizens… because of a strange video which was shared online where the two culprits… well it’s a confusing video and not much is clear from it.

Nine and Twelve – two teenagers who were not even supposed to exist. These young boys are the ones behind the attack. The questions asked are many – do they deserve a severe punishment? Will they achieve what they wished for? Was it only or fun? Will they apologise? How could they?!

But the most important is… What follows?

Characters and staff:

Zankyou no Tokyo Anime Characters
Zankyou no Terror Anime Characters – click to see larger!

Nine (played by Kaito Ishikawa)
Also known as Shin Kokonoe, he is a member of the terroristic group called Sphinx. He goes to the same high school as Twelve and has a bright and calm personality.

Twelve (played by Soma Saito)
Also known as Fuyuji Kumi, he is another member of the terroristic group called Sphinx. He works closely with Nine and also acts around him as though Nine’s his big brother.

Lisa Mishima (played by Atsumi Tanezaki)

She is a quiet young girl who goes to the high school Nine and Twelve transfer to. While she has grown up being bullied, even in this same school, her life takes a U-turn when she meets with Twelve.

Shibasaki (played by Shunsuke Sakuya)

He is a leading inspector in the Japanese government’s anti-terrorism team and specifically the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department.

Five (played by Megumi Han)

She is a young FBI agent who has been sent to assist the Japanese anti-terrorist bureau while they’re working on the Sphinx case. This is part of her professional duties.


As said, directing is Samurai Champloo’s Shinichirou Watanabe. Character design is in the hands of Hairy Tale and Samurai Champloo’s Kazuto Nakazawa. When it comes to production, MAPPA is joined by Aniplex and Fuji TV.

OP: Trigger by Yuki Ozaki

ED: Dare ka, umi o. by Aimer

The series will be streamed online via while Madman Entertainment will be sharing the story with Australian and New Zealanders.


Official Zankyou no Terror Website

Images&Video ©残響のテロル製作委員会


  1. I love the art and vibe of this anime. Even through a very small PV and the wonderful text only, I still can say it reminds me of Death Note and Psycho-Pass in a strange and unique way.

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