dramatical murder anime posterWELCOME TO RHYME!

This is an interactive fighting game where each player has an Allmate and each Allmate has an in-game avatar version. Don’t know how to start in Rhyme? Just get an Allmate and you’re all set-up! While the players cannot be physically harmed in an official battle, keep in mind that in a Drive-by one your body will be harmed, blood may be spilt and you may no longer be able to play.

Have fun playing DRAMAtical Murder!

For all the anime fans, the game starts on 6th July 2014. It’s just a week from today! But if you don’t want to wait and have a feeling you might hate or adore the show right away, just from reading some previews, come on in – and read my Summer Anime Season 2014 preview for DRAMAtical Murder!

The story begins with Aoba – a young man who lives a quiet life on Hekishima in the southwest parts of Japan. While he’s not involved in either Lebstease and Rhyme – the two things in-fashion in the country, he’s also working at a jink shop. One day, however, this young man’s quiet life is shattered when he’s challenged to a Rhyme battle. (summary taken from official releases)

Now, everything you see below is taken from the game. The official anime information is rather vague and basic, so I gathered my visual novel-playing humans and got them to help me and write these character previews! I hope you enjoy them!

Main characters…

Dramatical Murder Characters
Click the image to see the guys entirely!

Aoba Seragaki (23y.o.) is the main character. He and his twin brother Sei are living with their adoptive family. He’s one of the “children” made by Toue, but due to some mysterious circumstances, his looks don’t show it. As a child, he’s been bullied because of his extra-long hair and feminine looks, but is now a renowned Rhyme player many are afraid to clash with. Sly Blue is his in-game nickname and he was quite popular. His Allmate is Ren – and old model found abandoned near a trash bin.

Koujaku (age unknown) is Aoba’s childhood friend. While his father served the main Yakuza, his mother was the guy’s mistress. Koujaku’s father made him get tattooed by one of Toue’s artists, inking Koujaku with images which put him into control. The tattooing was made against the young boy’s will. Even after the artistic end of the tattooist, Koujaku’s tattoos keep on engulfing him – the angrier he gets, the more dangerous he is. He owns a red bird called Beni – his Allmate.

Noiz (19y.o.) has a wealthy German background. Technologically able, socially awkward and a boy who cannot feel pain (literally) – Noiz is the perfect information broker, he’s also a good Rhyme player, of course. His Allmate is called Usagimodoki and looks like a little white cube. The form of his Allmate is another symbol of his IT fancies and the old-school arcade games he also enjoys.

Another of Toue’s “children” is Clear (age unknown). His original name was R-2E-054 and he is a former α Unit member. His specialty is music and his special weapon was a song called Dye Music and its power was brainwashing and dyeing the hearer’s brains in the ‘colours’ desired. Clear’s a well-behaved young man, who puts –san after others’ names and all. The only oddity around him is the (Toue’s trademarked) white hair and the gas mask he constantly wears. He doesn’t have an Allmate.

The last main character in the game is called Mink (age unknown). He supposedly comes from a Native American background. As a result of a highly possible imprisonment by Toue, he’s often acting cold and dislikes communication. He’s turned into the leader type. Mink isn’t very appreciative of his Allmate Tori which, as you can see, is just called “Bird”.

On to the secondaries…

One other important, though not main, character is Toue. He’s the one responsible for the α Units, for the experiments on Aoba and his twins brother, for the submissive tattoos on Koujaku as well as for much more. He is also the main antagonist in the game and supposedly in the anime. His Allmate is Usui – very beautiful and feminine. Usui is also something like the host in Rhyme because a battle starts wherever she appears and she comment on the events during the battle as well.

Virus and Trip are a team on Rhyme. According to their own words, they’re Aoba’s biggest fans. They have been around him since their childhood (alongside Koujaku). They’re from team Morphine – one of the strongest in Rib (Rib vs Rhyme is something like League of Legends vs DoTA).

Another true Rib player is Mizuki – also a childhood friend of Aoba. He’s so much against Rhyme that he wants Aoba to quit the game (and start play Rib).

The seiyuu…

Atsushi Kisaichi as Aoba

Hiroki Takahashi as Koujaku

Kenichirou Matsuda as Mink

Masatomo Nakazawa as Clear

Toue's Usui
Toue’s Usui in her usually calmer form from the game. When attacked, she tends to turn into a Shiva-like avatar with a crazy stare in her eyes.

Satoshi Hino as Noiz

Ryota Takeuchi as Ren

Junji Majima as Virus

Kenji Takahashi as Mizuki

Tomoyuki Higuchi as Trip

And the production team…

Director: Kazuya Miura

Screenplay: Satoko Sekine & Touko Machida

Original Character Design: honyalala

Character Design: Yukiko Ban & Etsunobu Iwanaga (sub)

Animation Production: NAZ

Opening Theme: “Slip on the Pumps” by GOATBED

Ending Theme: “Bowie Knife” by GOATBED



Take a look at the characters as released in the first video from earlier this year:


And, of course, the full trailer with even more real anime footage…


Oh, and by the way – the anime is based on Nitro+chiral’s original heavily yaoi game.


Official DRAMAtical Murder anime website

Images & Video ©Nitroplus/DRAMAtical Murder製作委員会

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