New Steins;Gate Novel Tells Us of the Future

 Steins;Gate -The Committee of Antimatter-
Steins;Gate -The Committee of Antimatter-

A new Steins;Gate novel has been announced – Steins;Gate -The Committee of Antimatter-. It’s set 6 years in the future where Rintarou Okabe (a.k.a. Hououin Kyouma) and Makise Kurisu are already graduated professionals and are in a… long-distance relationship.

The story revolves around the romantic relationships between 24y.o. Makise Kurisu who’s working as a research assistance in the neuroscience research team at the Victor Condoria graduate school where she graduated herself and Okabe-sensei (also 24 y.o.) who is working as a main member of the already industrialised Future Gadget Laboratory where he and Daru are helping people find lost pets and get around in Akihabara.

Other previous Lab members are also in the story – Mayuri Shiina (helping out at the lab and trying to be of use to both sides in the relationsip) and Suzu Amane (works at Shop Brown and is… not supposed to exist in this universe after the previous events…).

The new chapter in the story will be available starting 21st August and will be on sale for 1,300 Japanese yen or 9.40 euro.

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While the new movie and this new novel clearly focus on the romantic side of the story, many of us are wondering when will it come to the background… Will there ever be a story where everything focuses on the science fiction without the romance or do you not need such a story? Please tell me your opinion!

9 thoughts on “New Steins;Gate Novel Tells Us of the Future

  1. Hmmm…they sure have grown – but haven’t we all? Let’s hope there is another scientific mystery ahead ;)

  2. It actually looks like this story will be focusing more on the conspiracy of the Committee of 300, connecting Steins;Gate more with Chaos;Head and Robotics;Notes. It was said that in the Robotics;Notes visual novel that by 2019, the characters of Steins;Gate are in a resistance movement against the Committee, so this novel will probably be about them getting involved.

    1. This is highly probable, however, for the moment, all the information released officially is regarding the character development and relations. I will keep you posted on what’s the main story line too, as soon as they do confirm it, though. I am almost certain you are correct here.

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