K: Missing Kings Actor Masakazu Morita – Guest at Anime Expo (Video)

K:Missing Kings is premiering during this year’s Anime Expo in L.A. On top of this great experience, those of you who will visit the event will also get the chance to meet with none other than seiyuu Masakazu Morita – the actor who plays Yukari Mishakuji in K, Ichigo Kurosaki in Bleach and many, many more. What’s more – we’ve a lot of new videos for the upcoming movie – the sequel of K anime! Watch them all below.

The first TV spot for the movie, including a bit of Red Clan action! Can you go against HOMRA?

Below is the Blue Clan’s SCEPTER4s; the leading team – challenging all others!

In this third (30 seconds) video, you can see just how aggressive the new character is!

For desserts – the nearly-2-minute-long full trailer! (It’s actually an extended version of what you’ve seen above)

Source: YouTube

I don’t know about you, but I can’t reach L.A. for the expo. Any images and videos from whoever is going will be appreciated!

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