1st PV of Shounen-Ai Author Shungiku Nakamura’s New Anime Hybrid Child (Video)

The first promotional video for the upcoming adaptation of Shungiku Nakamura’s shounen-ai novels Hybrid Child was released earlier today by production company Media Factory.

Watch the video below and don’t forget to tell me what you think in the comments!

The original novels come from the same author who made hit-stories Sekaiichi Hatsukoi and Junjou Romantica. It’s the third big series heading for the small screen after both other two were turned into 2-season otaku-heart-filling hits.
The story of Hybrid Child focuses on the Hybrid Children – androids made to be loved and cherished by their owners; creatures who are neither human nor machines, who grow depending on the love they get. One story focuses on the Hybrid Child Yuzu and his owner – the tragic samurai Seya. Another, which is in fact the last one in the compilation by Nakamura-sensei, explains how these children came to be, explaining the story of their very creator – Kuroda.
Now, for the video where you can actually see how much you like or dislike the characters, as well as listen to the music by Hijiri Anze, just scroll a bit more…


Source: YouTube

Judging by the authors, this is a sure shounen-ai hit series. Do you gree?

5 thoughts on “1st PV of Shounen-Ai Author Shungiku Nakamura’s New Anime Hybrid Child (Video)

    1. Would have been weird otherwise – if you like one, you like them all, as the characters are absolutely undestinguishable. :D

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