New K Manga! K -Lost Small World- Announced

K anime logoThe K -Lost Small World- original novel by GoRA and GoHands will be made into a manga. The next installment in the stories, which started as an anime TV series in 2012, will begin its serialisation in Kodansha’s new magazine Katsu Kiss.

The story of the original novel with the same title focuses on the lives of Misaki Yata and Saruhiko Fushimi before the events of the 2012 TV series. If you’ve ever wondered how Yata-kun and Fushimi-kun got to know each other, when did it happen and how they ended-up in the two opposing clans – this is the read for you.

The manga will be made by Yoru Oukita. Chapter one will come out on 13th June.

Source: Kodansha

The story’s continuation will come in the form of a movie in July. The question is – can this quite huge franchise bring something new to the table?

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