Animax UK Announced Season Streams

animax (c)The UK anime streaming engine Animax TV has announced the upcoming simulcasts. Fantasy, shounen, drama and romance will once more take you all to an adventure! See below for the list of titles you will be able to watch soon via their service. Don’t think you’re just getting second-hand titles – 4 out of the 5 new ones are UK exclusive!

Here is the full list of the new simulcasts from Animax:

Daimidaler: Prince Vs. Penguin Empire (UK exclusive)
Riddle Story of Devil (UK exclusive)
Selector Infected Wixoss (UK exclusive)
Dragonar Academy (UK exclusive)

The other new show will be Fairy Tail‘s second series.

On top of the new titles, the service is also lowering its monthly subscription prices! Now the price is £4.99 and subscribers save a £1.

Well, well – congrats to the lucky otaku!

Source: Animax

Are you feeling lucky to have access to the service or do you want more?

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