One Piece Manga – “In Maintenance”

Eiichiro Oda, the author of One Piece, has finally decided to go and have the tonsils operation he’s been needing for some months now. The mangaka will put what’s probably the most popular story in the manga and anime world on hiatus for at least two weeks.

While the author promised to keep on working after the operation, he notes that the manga will skip 2 weeks (9th-16th June) and will return on the issue on 23rd June. The author’s health has been getting worse and he was even hospitalised because of tonsillitis complications in May 2013 (Yes, exactly a year ago). At the time, the shounen story was also missed for a couple of weeks.

Source: Shueisha WSJ

With what will you be substituting the weekly dose of One Piece?

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  1. He is a very nice and fun person. Wish him all the best. I am sure that the doctors will take care of this.

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