Kuroko no Basuke Season 3 Announced

A third season for the popular sports anime Kuroko no Basuke has been announced. The news were gifted to the readers of publisher Shueisha’s new issue of the weekly Shounen Jump magazine where the original manga’s in print.

The anime is not just planned. It’s already in the making.

You probably know about this show, but I will still remind you: The story focuses on the life and especially basket-life of student Tetsuya Kuroko. As a former member of the “Generation of Miracles” basketball team, Testuya is a very strong companion and an awful opponent to have on the basketball field. Fortunately for Taiga Kagami, Tetsuya decides to be of help and make Taiga’s team the best in the league.

Source: Shueisha

Are you feeling the hype? It’s here! After all the threats and the dangerous acts, Kuroko and his basketball team are here to stay!

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