Date A Live Manga’s End Is Comin Soon

date a live anime charactersMangaka Sekihiko Inui will be completing his Date A Live manga with the upcoming third volume. The book will come out this winter and with it the adaptation which began in 2013 will be over. For all interested in the story – check out the original light novels by Koushi Tachibana.

The manga series is published by Kadokawa Shoten and focuses on the same part of the novels that the anime, which began in 2013 as well, covered. This story focuses on the main character Shidou Itsuka and his new-found friend “Tohka”. She once devastated the world, 30 years prior to the story, and is back. The only way to stop her? Date her!. While she is a pretty demon-like woman, this is still a task for only the bravest.

Source: Kadokawa Shoten

I wonder what will you all be reading once this manga is over?

4 thoughts on “Date A Live Manga’s End Is Comin Soon

  1. Why are you guys so happy it is ending?! :D Probably because you’re going to see how the story ends?

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