Momo Kyun Sword Anime’s Trailer Shows Godly Cast (Video)

Kibidango’s light novel series Momo Kyun Sword‘s anime adaptation will be released pretty soon and with it, all otaku who love big-breasted onmyouji will be excited and on cloud nine. See the second preview video for the upcoming anime series below!

Inugami, Kijigami, Sarugami… A whole bunch of Celestrial Maidensand a number of real Oni! This is what the young Momoko will have to defeat in order to keep her world safe.

Directing the show is Shinsuke Yanagi while Tsuyoshi Tamai will be writing the scripts and adapting the original works. Hiroshi Tomioka, on the other hand, will play the role of a Chief Animation Director.

Source: Official Momo Kyun Sword site

Breasts aside, it seems like the Kami world will be missing something big – a Shinigami! Too bad.

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