Chaika Anime Season 2 Announced

The second season of anime Hitsugi no Chaika (The Coffin Princess) was officially announced earlier today. It will air in October. While this is some pretty cool news for many, the first season is still not over. This will happen on 20th June during an advance screening of the final episode.

Ichiro Sasaki’s light novels focus on the life of retired soldier Toru Acura. After the war he, just like all other soldiers, has no aim in life. Until he meets the odd boy Chaika Trabant, that is. Chaika himself walks around with a coffin, as a symbol of life. The two boys are also accompanied by Toru’s adopted sister Akari.

Source: Official Chaika anime website

Basically, you all have season one and in no time will also come season two. How great can this be?

4 thoughts on “Chaika Anime Season 2 Announced

  1. Hmm..still haven’t seen this. Just six episodes out even now. I hope I like it as much when I see the show to be happy for season two….

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