Kuroshitsuji: Book of Circus Music to Be by…

AKIRAThe latest news in the Kuroshitsuji galore is here! Akira from the Japanese band DISACODE will sing the upcoming third season’s ending theme song! The model-turned-musician will be making her debut on the animated scene with this project.

The ED will be entitled “Aoki Tsuki Michite” (Full Blue Moon) and will join the OP by SID “Enamel”. Both songs are currently available for purchase.

Here’s what Akira said to the show’s fans:


Rough translation: I feel very honoured by the chance I’ve been given to make my solo debut with the ending theme song for this favourite work of mine. I hope I will manage to transfer the beautifully fragile world adequately.

Source: Kuroshitsuji Season 3’s Website

So… Seems like I am spamming with Kuroshitsuji news, but it is one of the most beloved shows in the otakuverse. Also, all anime with shinigami get my full support. Yes. Except if they’re bad, but this one is definitely not.

EDIT: Fixed my wording. Thank you, Sanne!

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