Last Volume of Evangelion Gets All the Love with a Special TV Ad (Video) last Evangelion manga volume to ever come out (or so it would seem), is being released on 20th November and the ones who buy this 14th volume by mangaka Yoshiyuki Sadamoto will receive bonus items such as a Working Music CD, booklets and more. Watch the specially released TV ad  by Kadokawa below!

The Neon Genesis Evangelion manga was first published in December 1994, almost a year before the first anime adaptation of this story aired on Japanese TV. The story was completed as a series last June. While the kadokawa Shoten edition was read quite a lot, the final volume still has a lot to offer…

Yes, you’re right! There will be 28 new and unpublished pages in this new edition. The limited edition will also let you own CD, booklets and some really cool illustrations.

Source: YouTube

To the readers of Evangelion:Once this final volume is out, what are you reading?

To all others: Are you finally going to read this famous work of Japanese modern culture or are still stubbornly blindfolding yourselves?

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