Lance N’ Masques Light Novels to Become an Anime

Lance N’ MasquesThe fighting light novel series Lance N’ Masques by author Hideaki Koyasu (Yoake Mae Yori Ruri Iro Na -Crescent Love- a.k.a. Brighter than the Dawning Blue anime’s screen writer). The original illustrations are by Shino.

Not much information is available about the upcoming anime apart from the fact that Studio Gokumi edited the series and that the story will surely involve a lot for the loli lovers.Why? Read below…

The books revolve around the young warrior Youtarou Hanafusa. He is a member of the last remaining order of knights that is still true to the spirit of knighthood, honour and loyalty. Unfortunately, he’s bound to wear a mask to hide his real identity, thus leading to his nickname – The Knight Lancer.

Lance N’ Masques②

On Friday, you will be able to watch a special promo vid for the upcoming anime. To see it – go here. (Nico Nico streaming service).


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If you’re wondering what these knights look like – check out the images in this post ; ) By the way, the images belong to Pony Canyon’s Pony Can.

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