Mari Okazaki with a New manga A-Un


Mari Okazaki, the mangaka of Suppli, Sweat&Honey and Yawarakai Kara, will be launching a new manga in Shogakukan’s monthly issue Big Comic Spirits. The first chapter will be released in the mag’s new edition, coming out on 27th May.

The new manga will be entitled A-Un and will focus on the lives and endeavours of two Buddhist monks in Japan during the Heian era. These men are Saichou, who built Enryaku temple and Kuukai who’s responsible for the creation of the Mount Kouya Retreat.

The first chapter will have 60 pages and will be on the cover of the issue. It is also going to have a coloured opening page.

Source: Big Comic Spirits

I don’t know about you, but I personally find the small number of historical anime a huge lack in the animated world. I hope more new historical manga series will bring more to the anime universe as well.

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      1. Nah, I have been around. Just had nothing to say. Not really excited about new anime. Reading Vagabond and re-watching stuff. :D

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