Kaze Tachinu – The Wind Rises’ 1st UK Trailer Released (Video)

kaze tachinuKaze Tachinu a.k.a. The Wind Rises is the last Studio Ghibli movie by founding studio member and renowned anime director Hayao Miyazaki. Although no dubbing can be heard, the trailer does announce that the movie will be screened in both Japanese and English in theatres across the country.

Check out the heartwarming promo below!

The Wind Rises was first released in Japan in July 2013. Since then, it got an Academy Award nomination, received many other recognitions and made so many children and adults cry that it’s not even countable. The movie focuses on the dream of one man who believes that flying can be easy, that it can change the world and that he is the one to do it all. Romance, love and a lot of idealism are incorporated in Hayao Miyazaki’s last project as a director at Studio Ghibli.

Source: Daily Telegraph

Are you going to watch it on the big screen? It’s coming out in a month! On 9th May!

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