Pretty Rhythm All Star Selection Official Website
http://shinigamilist.files.wordpress.com/2014/03/line-separator-shinigami-sama1.png?w=640pretty rhythm animePretty Rhythm All Star Selection is a TV series sequel to the Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live  anime from 2013, Pretty Rhythm Dear My Future from 2012 and Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream from 2011. The story revolves around the young Prism Show student Lala manaka and the ways she learns from the previous main characters of the series Naru Ayase, Mia Ageha and Aira Harune. Lala wants to be a true idol, just like them, but the path is not that easy.

The show starts on 5th April 2014.


Naru Ayase to be played by Emiri Katoh

Lala Manaka to be played by Himika Akaneya

Aira Harune to be played by Kana Asumi

Mia Ageha to be played by Rumi Ookubo


Animation Production – Dongwoo Animation, Tatsunoko Production

Director – Masakazu Hishida

Series Composition – Shuji Iuchi

Original Character Design – Akio Watanabe & Okama

Character Design – Mai Matsuura

Lady Jewelpet Official Website

Lay Jewelpet 6Lady Jewelpet is the 6th series in the Jewelpet anime adaptation of Sanrio and Sega Toys’ original fantasy dolls. This 6th instalment will focus on the young Momona and how she suddenly found out what drove Alice to Wonderland – a strange white rabbit, of course! Momona’s rabbit is a jewelpet, though and it didn’t bring her to Wonderland, but to Jewel Land. The rabbit’s name is Ruby and she has chosen Momona to be her partner into a huge adventure – becoming a Ladyjewel Candidate and Momona, on the other hand, to participate for the role of the Land’s Queen.

This show begins on 5th April 2014.


Garnet to be played by Aya Hirano

Ruby to be played by Ayaka Saito

Lady Mizuki to be played by Eri Sendai

Lady Momona to be played by Keiko Kobayashi

Lady Karon to be played by Miki Shimomura

Sapphire to be played by Nozomi Sasaki

Lady Lillian to be played by Risa Taneda

Ruua to be played by Yuka Iguchi

Prince Cayenne to be played by Kenji Nojima

Prince Levin to be played by Miyuki Sawashiro

Prince Sauler to be played by Seiichirou Yamashita

Prince Romeo to be played by Takashi Kondo


Animation Production – Studio Comet

Production – Sanrio, Sega Toys Co., Ltd.

Director – Itsuro Kawasaki

Series Composition – Natsuko Takahashi

Character Design – Aruko Wada (drafts), Aya Nakanishi (humans), Tomoko Miyakawa (Jewelpets) and Yuuko Yashiro (humans)


Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V Official Website

Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-VAnother new instalment of an old series is the well-deserved new Yu-Gi-Oh! anime Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V. The show is starting on 6th April and will focus on the path to being the best pro-entertainment duelist in the world. We follow Sakaki Yuya, a 14-y.o. Japanese student who wants to play the cards only to please his audience and nothing more. One day, however, something quite unexpected happens when his best advice and lesson comes from a real duel against the world No. 1in the Pro Duel World.

The OP for this show is Believe x Believe by Choutokkyuu.


Yuuya Sakaki to be played by  Kensho Ono

Yukaji Sakaki to be played by Hiroki Touchi

Futoshi to be played by Kyouko Chikiri

Sora Shiun’in to be played by Mie Sonozaki

Shuuzou Hiiragi to be played by Mitsutaka Itakura

Tatsuya to be played by Nanami Niide

Youko Sakaki to be played by Ryouko Yui

Ayu to be played by Satomi Akesaka

Reiji Akaba to be played by Yoshimasa Hosoya

Noboru Gongenzaka to be played by Youhei Oobayashi

Yuzu Hiiragi to be played by Yuuna Inamura

Narrator to be played by Kazuhiro Yamaji


Animation Production – GALLOP

Production – NAS, TV Tokyo

Director – Katsumi Ono

Original creator – Kazuki Takahashi

Original Character Design – Naohito Miyosh

Character Design – Akemi Yokota

La Corda D’Oro Blue Sky Official Website

La Corda D’Oro Blue SkyMusic fans, rejoice! A new installment of the bishounen-filled music anime La Corda d’Oro is coming this Spring 2014 anime season! La Corda D’Oro Blue Sky will begin on 5th April and will be yet another adaptation of the 3rd instalment of the popular otome games by Koei. This 3rd anime’s (after the TV anime series subtitled Primo Passo and the Secondo Passo special episodes) OP is Wings to Fly by seiyuu Jun Fukuyama, Katsuyuki Konishi, Kentarou Itou, Kishou Taniyama and Satoshi Hino.


Kyouya Kisaragi to be played by Jun Fukuyama

Ritsu Kisaragi to be played by Katsuyuki Konishi

Chiaki Tougane to be played by Kishou Taniyama

Kanade Kohinata to be played by Reiko Takagi

Reiji Myoga to be played by Satoshi Hino

Sousuke Nanami to be played by Yuki Masuda

Nia Hasekura to be played by Akemi Satou

Arata Mizushima to be played by Daisuke Kishio

Housei Toki to be played by Hideo Ishikawa

Takafumi Hido to be played by Hiroaki Miura

Wataru Kanou to be played by Hiroshi Okamoto

Haruto Mizushima to be played by Kaori Mizuhashi

Iori Kouhei to be played by Keiichirou Yamamoto

Yukihiro Yagisawa to be played by Kentarou Itou

Alexei Zhukov to be played by Kenyuu Horiuchi

Sei Amamiya to be played by Mamoru Miyano

Shiro Hozumi to be played by Masakazu Morita

Shiori Myouga to be played by Risa Shimizu

Ryokou Miyage to be played by Sayaka Ohara

Mutsumi Serizawa to be played by Yoshimasa Hosoya

Daichi Sakaki to be played by Yuya Uchida


Animation Production – TYO

Director – Takahiro Natori

Original Creator – Koei

Original Character Design – Yuki Kure

Character Design – Maki Fujioka

Series Composition – Keiichirou Ouchi

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