ping pong animeThe professional Ping pong (ピンポン) anime is here! Have you ever wondered how Asian rule over the table tennis world? Have you tried playing table tennis and found out it’s not easy to strike with the speed these professionals do on the TV? Well, here is a show that will demonstrate just how serious table tennis a.k.a. Ping-Pong can be!

The anime is starting on Thursday, 10th April. If you’re into odd sports anime – stay tuned at 24:50 when the show airs!


Ping Pong will be an anime about sports, pride and teamwork, but at the same time about individuals and their own little worlds. No, it’s not anything that serious, but I bet you will find something similar to yourself or a friend of yours in at least one of the characters. That is even more valid if you’re an athlete or participate in any kind of championships. After all, we all know what’s it like to be preparing to clash with other able ones in our field, right?


Taivo Matsumoto’s original manga revolves around the preparation for the upcoming inter-high school ping-pong (table tennis championships. We watch as the top players from Katase High School and Kaio Academy train before the big tournament and how their other studies will be influenced by it. Will the Dragon defeat Peco, Katase’s prodigious player, or will he remain the individual champion for a third year in a row?

Yutaka “Peco” Hoshino (Fukujuro Katayama)

A freshman in Katase Academy. He’s always absent from practice and plays with his right hand. He loves sweets.

Makoto “Smile” Tsukimoto (Kouki Uchiyama)

A lover of the cutting on the table, this freshman in Katase never smiled. He’s Peco’s best friend and does not consider the game neither fun nor exciting.

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Manabu “The Daemon” Sakuma (Subaru Kimura)

An old friend of Peco, but because of the different schools they go to, the two of them are rivals.

Ryuuichi “The Dragon” Kazama (Shunsuke Sakino/Sakuya)

A true stoic and a master on the table. He’s been the individual champion in the Inter High School competitions. He’s the captain of the Kaio Academy.

Weng “The Chinese” Kong (Yousei Bun)

He was axed from his Chinese school team, hence he travelled to Japan for a new challenge (and to be able to play as a whole).

Obaba (Masako Nozawa)

She is the manager of the Tamura ping pong dojo where Peco and other school players go.

Jou “Butterfly Joe” Koizumi (Yuusaku Yara)

Jou was an extremely capable player when he was young and ever since his school years he’s been called with the same nickname. While Smile is a timid person, Jou sees just this young self of his into Makoto. This is why he takes care of him and strives to make him into the best player there is.

ping pong anime artWhile these boys fight their fears and train their bodies, minds and souls, we will be listening to the theme music: Yuihitori by Bakudan Johnny will be the show’s first opening theme song while Bokuta ni Tsuite by merengue will be the ending song (included in the embedded video).

Directing the show is Masaki Yuasa who became quite popular with his work as a key animator in Crayon Shin-chan and Studio Ghibli’s My Neighbours the Yamadas. In this new project, he will work alongside character designer Nobutake Ito (Yojou-han Shinwa Taikei, Kemonozume, Kaiba).

If you’re into sports shows, if you enjoyed Yowamushi Pedal and Kuroko no Basuke, I am certain Ping Pong will also appreciate your support!

Images&Video: ©松本大洋/小学館 ©松本大洋・小学館/アニメ「ピンポン」製作委員会

Ping Pong Anime Official Website

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