mekaku city actors anime logoMekaku City Actors (メカクシティアクターズ) is a TV anime series based on the original Vocaloid Kagerou Project. All the characters and the main story come from there, with twitching and a bit of refurbishment. The story of the show will focus on Shintaro Kisaragi and his life as a hikikomori. While he enjoys his two years of enclosure, something strange is happening outside…

The story continues with an odd email Shintaro received from a friend which email shows him a very unusual girl called Ene. Ene is a cyber existence, but also has a very interesting personality. What Ene does to Shintaro’s computer, however, creates an unusual situation which has him go out of his home for the first time in about as many as 24 months!

Shintaro is, apart from everything else, the big brother of Momo and the 7th Mekakushi member. He was Ayano’s best friend before she passed away. He receives his ability to see people with Red eyes outside of the Heat Haze from Ayano right before she died.

Ayano Tateyama was member “0” of the Mekakushi and the very original founder of the group. While she was a very good friend with many of the other members before committing suicide. She gave hoodies as gifts to Shuuya, Seto.

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Yuko Kaida (Ikkitousen’s Shimei Ryomou) as Tsubomi Kido

Kido is the leader and first original member of the group. She, Kano and Seto grew up together in the same orphanage. Since then, things have changed, but much is still the same – as the mischieves and battles they fight…always together. Her special ability is to hide objects (people included) from other’s sight. It also works on conversations which cannot be eavesdropped on if the person having them is hidden.

Souichiro Hoshi (Higurashi’s Keiichi Maebara) as Kousuke Seto

Seto is the second member of the Mekakushi and has a really easy-going personality. He owns the power to read another one’s mind and supposedly also can communicate with animals.

Shinnosuke Tachibana (Sekaiichi Hatsukoi’s Chiaki Yoshino) as Shuuya Kano

He is the 3rd original member of the Mekakushi Dan and also the godfather of the group. Although a reliable existence, he’s usually on the aloof side and prefers to take things less seriously. His ability is to hypnotise people, although it cannot change the way he’s being perceived.

Kana Hanazawa (Durarara!!’s Anri Sonohana) as Mary Kozakura

She is the 4th member of the Mekakushi and has the special power to combine the eyes as well as to paralyze.

Nanami Kashiyama (Recorder to Randuseru’s Midori-chan, Aono) as Momo Kisaragi

She is Shintaro’s younger sister and the 5th member of the group. Her ability is to attract the attention of humans, no matter their personal preferences and usual interests.

Kana Asumi (Working!!’s Popura) as Ene

Ene is in fact a former human whose name was Takane Enomoto. She is the 6th member of the Mekakushi. Her ability is to open eyes – immortality.

Misuzu Togashi (Upotte!!’s M16A4) as Hibiya Amamiya

He is the 8th member of the cyber group and can see inhumanly far and through things. His personality is intelligent and adult-like, but once fell into deep depression.

Mamoru Miyano (Death Note’s Yagami Light) as Konoha

Konoha was once a human named Haruka Kokonose. He is the 9th Mekakushi member and can change his body at will, but it does cause amnesia to his mind.


Director: Akiyuki Simbo & Yuki Yase

Original creator: JIN

Character Design: Gen’ichirou Abe

Producer: Atsuhiro Iwakami

Animation Production: SHAFT

The OP and ED songs are entirely new works by original creator JIN. Shidu, also the creator of the video for the ending theme, created the opening theme song’s storyboard.

There is also an alternate reality where most of the characters have a dark version. Some if not all of these versions wield abilities that have little to do with the ones of their “good” counterparts. For example, Konoha’s dark form controls snakes.

This cool new show will air on TOKYO MX, NicoNico and BS11 Digital on 12th April, 2014.

Images&Video: © KAGEROU PROJECT/1st PLACE © じん/1st PLACE・メカクシ団アニメ製作部

Mekaku City Actors Official Website

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