blade&soul animeBlade&Soul is an anime adaptation of the original Korean MMORPG gameby NCSoft. The game lets each player select one of four races and develop the chosen character into different roles, with different weapons and to fight different enemies. The world of Blade&Soul is full of fantastic beasts, immensely powerful human-like existences and a lot of action!

While the anime’s plot was quite a mystery for a long time, I had to check out and consider the original game… It has four different races from which each player can choose – Lyn, Kun, Jin and Gon (Quilin, Dragon, Turtle and Phoenix from the Chinese mythology). Every race represents an animal.

Now, however, we do know what the plot is all about! We will follow Aruka (Alka) as she is seeking for Varel Jin in order to avenge the death of her master (Hon). Aruka is a sword wielder while Varel is a wielder of the forces of chaos. While Hon asked her to leave the assassin’s life as it was not meant for her, she still continues on her way to the great battle against Varel. On the path, she meets with three other women, strong fighters, who will probably help her achieve her goal.

The OP is “Sayonara Usotsuki (サヨナラ嘘ツキ)” by MimimemeMIMI while the ED is by LEGO BIG MORL and is called “RAINBOW”. You can hear some of the songs in the promo videos, which are, however, currently unavailable  even on the official site of the anime. As soon as I have access to the PVs, I will add them to this preview…

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blade&soul anime characters

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Aoi Yuuki (Durarara!!’s SHinra Kishitani) as Valel Jin

Yuki Takao (Noragami’s Miyu) as Aruka


Ayahi Takagaki (Sword Art Online’s Rika Shinozaki) will play Roana Dan

Cho (One Piece’s Brook) will play Dougen Hou

Marina Inoue (Haganai’s Yozora Mikazuki) will play Yuu

Rikiya Koyama (Bleach’s Coyote Starrk) will play Gante Ga

Ryoko Shiraishi (Hayate no Gotoku’s Hayate Ayasaki) will play Ron

Sayaka Oohara (Code Geass’ Lelouch) will play Karen Elle

Shizuka Itou (Beelzebub’s Hildegard) will play Ran Yu

Sora Amamiya (Log Horizon’s Liliana) will play Hazuki Jin

The various characters form the four races will fight as only assassins, blade masters, destroyers, force masters and martial arts masters can. It’s definitely not something fans of ecchi-action should miss!

GONZO (Blood franchise, Gantz and Samurai 7 to name a few) is the main studio behind the production while directing are Hiroshi Hamasaki (concept designs) and Hiroshi Takeuchi. Hamasaki-san’s previous directing projects include Shigurui and Steins;Gate while Takeuchi-san’s (as animation director) – Trigun: Badlands Rumble and Escaflowne. Key animator Eri Nagata is designing the characters while the script is in the hands of Atsuhiro Tomioka, Ayumu Hisao, Daisuke Ishibashi, Kayo Wakanuki and Kenji Konuta. (Quite a number, eh?)


The show’s premiere is on TBS on 3rd April, 2014. Other channels will air the first episode on the following dates: RKB and HBC on 5ht April, MBS – 7th April, CBC – 10th April and BS-TBS on 12th April.

Images&Video: ©NCSOFT・Blade&Soulアニメ製作委員会, 1995-2014, Tokyo Broadcasting System Television, Inc.

Blade&Soul Official Website

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