Tokyo Station Celebrates 100th Anniversary with an Anime (Video)

tokyo station 100 yearsThe famous railway station in Tokyo is celebrating it’s 100th anniversary and for the occasion they have collaborated with A-1 Pictures (the studio behind some of your favourite anime, I bet!) to make an unforgettable project you have never seen before.

The video’s theme song “When at Tokyo Station” is written and performed by Yu Sakai.

The story of the anime will be about a young woman who decides to go to her late father’s old job and learn what he was like in the places and times when he was not at home with her. While she meets his old friends, colleagues and pals, images of his time entwine with the present.

A-1 Pictures are the studio behind: Kuroshitsuji, Sword Art Online, Ao no Exorcist, Magi, Shin Sekai Yori, Occult Academy, Working!!

…and many, many more!

The trailer shows us the min idea of the story, but the full project will be available somewhere during the spring season. This has nothing to do with the birthday of the station, which was on 20th December 1914. It started with four platforms, serving two electric and two standard (for the time) lines. Over 3,000 trains are passing through its gates in 2014.

Official Tokyo Station Website

Are you excited? I certainly am. Wow, a century is so important in human years!

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