New Macross Anime Green-Lit

new macrossThe latest rerun of the Macross Frontier TV anime series announced that a new project has been green-lit and we should all be expecting it soon! The image to the left is the clear copy of the actual screenshot of the announcement (thanks, for the effort, dear friend!).

The sci-fi story, which has been happening on TV channels, paper and lately on the internet through various streaming services, has already been around for more than 30 years.

A silhouette of a mecha as visible behind the announcement at a certain point, not visible on this images unfortunately. The mecha looks like a SDF-1 from the 1982-1983 series The Super Dimension Fortress Macross.

Source: Kanto region TV

What do you think will happen and which will it be – a new project or a remake of an old one?

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