Iron Knight Manga Ends in April

The Iron Knight manga series by Tomohiro Yagi is ending in thw 18th volume of Weekly Shounen Jump by Shueisha. The story, which has been running since last year, will have a total of three volumes with the last one coming out in August.

Additional content will come in the first volume of the series next month – on 4th April. There will also be the one-shot story Iron Curtain. The second compiled volume will come out in June while the third and last one, as already mentioned, in August.

The story follows a boy named Teppei who is the son of a law enforcer and has been educated in justice and protecting the rights of both himself and others. While he enjoys his normal life, suddenly a platoon of monsters turn everything around him into a burning hell. With this, his normal life becomes as abnormal as he could have ever imagined, but not just… Actually, another weird thing happens – his body is transformed into what others call the Iron Knight (which is actually similar to what Teppei means in Japanese).

Source: Weekly Shounen Jump

What’s your opinion on the manga? You have surely read at least a couple of chapters, having in mind it comes out in the same magazine as One Piece, Naruto, Bleach and so on and so on.

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