No Game, No Life Manga Licensed in NA

no game no lifeNorth America will be getting their own fix of No Game, No Life. The light novels by Yuu Kamiya are the basis for this season’s new anime series. The manga adaptation by Mashiro Hiiragi will be published by Seven Seas..

The story follows a NEET brother and sister who are the gaming masters of Japan, and possibly the world. Well, not gossips, but myths of their greatness are being created in the gaming community.

One day, their lives change and from NEETs, they suddenly become the saviours of an almost lost race.

The first volume will come out in October this year!

The anime adaptation of the light novels will begin in April. Expect more information in the upcoming Spring 2014 anime preview takeover that will happen quite soon!

Source: Official Twitter

Are you excited? Now tell me honestly, would a NEET really be as active as is needed to safe the world?

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