Fairy Tail’s New Season – Preview!!! (Video)

The new Fairy Tail anime is coming on 5th April 2014 and it will supposedly start from where the show left off some months ago. Director Shinji Ishihara is returning for the sequel series, while a new design is coming up! Can’t wait? See the video below and enjoy the teaser with a sample of BoA’s theme song “Masayume Chasing”

Do you notice something strange in the characters? That’s because the characters are now designed by Shinji Takeuchi instead of the former designer Aoi Yamamoto.

New Fairy Tail Characters
The new character designs. What do you think?

The show will begin on 5th April this year and will continue with the tournament. Will Fairy Tail become a leader once more, will they fail or will something entirely different happen? I personally can’t wait to see! (although it’s all in the manga)

Source: YouTube

The show is coming up next month, who is excited and who is still wondering why this show has fans?

5 thoughts on “Fairy Tail’s New Season – Preview!!! (Video)

  1. Not sure I am a fan of the new design. Looks a bit too sleek and phoney. But then again, Fairy Tail has never been a visual masterpiece. :D

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