Durarara!! Season 2 announced! (Video)

durarara season 2A new season for the adaptation of Ryohgo Narita’s Durarara!! light novel series was just announced. This happened during this year’s Dengeki Game Festival in Akihabara. The new anime will cover the second arc of the book series. Also, accompanying the announcement was a short video… See it below!

What’s best – the news come after the production has started.

This means, for all the fans, that the show will surely come much faster!

If you cannot see the video I’ve embedded, please check this link instead (though I am not sure it’s official).

Now, to start with the staff members… Director Takahiro Omori is returning for this second project, but the animation studio Brains Base was missing from the list of production members. This director is now a part of Studio Shuka. Noboru Takagi will be the main guy behind the show’s script while Takahiro Kishida will rule over the character design and mainly the adaptation of the original design for the animated world. Makoto Yoshimori is doing the music composition.

All your favourite characters will be returning, but what will happen to them? I can’t wait to meet my old friend Celty once more, even if I find it difficult to communicate with her quite cheeky man.

Source: Official website

via Anime Limited

Tell me now, did you expect this to happen?

9 thoughts on “Durarara!! Season 2 announced! (Video)

  1. Fantastic news. I was already beginning to believe this will never happen. Thank you for this announcement, Shinigami-sama :)

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