K Anime: Sequel Movie “K: Missing Kings” to Launch on 12th July

K Missing Kings movieThe official title, launch date and the main plot for the upcoming K anime sequel have been released! The title of the project is K: Missing Kings and it will premiere in theatres across Japan on 12th July 2014. This anime movie’s tagline is : Bonds, once again.

K Missing Kings will tell the story after the events with which ended the original TV anime series. The story will begin with Kuroh and Neko searching in desperation for Shiro. While their hopes are low and their moods shattered, they meet HOMRA’s Rikio and Anna. The Red King’s nakama are being chased by a certain someone… But what could it all mean and where will it end? We have to watch the movie to find out.

The first visual we have been shown (the image in this post is clickable), shows old as well as new characters. Even some clan members believed to be dead are seen on the new artwork.

The movie’s promotion is going strong as we’re expecting 100 days of visuals to begin on 4th April and a special page for K-related haiku has been open.

GoRA Project and GoHands’ K anime (TV series) began in 2012 and it didn’t take long for it to become on of the biggest shows of the season. With the same team working on recent hit-series Coppelion, there is no wonder why otaku all over the world are getting excited.

Source: K Missing Kings official website

Are you excited about all this?! It’s almost here!

7 thoughts on “K Anime: Sequel Movie “K: Missing Kings” to Launch on 12th July

    1. The movie was still being shown in theatres across Japan until recent;y. It will be released for DVD and BD in April this year (2015) with included English language subtitles.

  1. I’m a little worried because this movie could either be spectacular, or a total flop. I was hoping for a series when they announced the second season, but looks like my hope has been dashed. I just hope this movie fill in the lose ends the anime series left open.

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