Kill La Kill Licensed for Home Video by Anime Limited

ryuko matoi satsuki kiryuin Kill La Kill will be released for home video by the Anime Limited brand. The distributor announced this earlier today. The series were initially released in the winter season of 2013/2014 and hit the otaku-verse like a storm. The UK released dates are still unannounced as the digital release of the anime will be possible soon (after its airing on Wakanim is over).

Kill La Kill centres on the young Ryuko Matoi and her never-ending search for the truth behin the death of her father. The one place she’s been led by many clues is the odd and supernatural Honnouji Academy where resides the infamous Satsuki Kiryuin. She rules the students by fear and power, but the newcomer, Miss Matoi, will attempt to not only turn her off balance. She will also try to make the council president admit to her all Kiryuin knows about the death of her parent. How can Ryuko achieve this? With the help of an enchanted school uniform, of course!

Source: Anime Limited Website

Are you going to buy the show from Anime Limited or are you getting it from somewhere else?

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