Which Magi Characters Are Going to Die?

The mangaka of Magi has announced on her blog, on the publisher’s platform, that a number (not mentioned what number) will have to be killed in the upcoming chapters of the manga. This, according to author Shinobu Ohtaka, is the normal flow of the story.

In this latest blog post, she also admits that, according to her planning, this upcoming 21st volume of the manga Magi will bring the story to its middle stage. The only things that will follow are serious twists and the very conclusion itself. Who, when and how will die – only I (as a shinigami) and the mangaka know.

The manga began on 2009 and soon became a favourite of many. Now, almost five years later, the anime adaptation and the manga itself are as popular as some of the biggest in recent years (Shingeki no Kyojin, Psycho-Pass), if not even more popular than them.Its story is based on the classic novel 1001 Nights. It incorporates the many characters of Scheherazade’s and puts them into an intricate world, full of wonders, wars and whatnot. The 21st volume comes out in April 2014.

A side story called Adventure of Sinbad was also released recently and it focuses entirely on the title character and his unique story.

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Who do you think deserves to be killed in this story?

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