Knights of Sidonia Trailer (Video)

The Knights of Sidonia anime series will come out in April this year. It will be realised by screenwriter Sadayuki Murai (Steamboy), director Kobun Schizuo (J.I. Joe) and co-director Hiroyuki Seshita (Final Fantasy). Producers King Records have released a 15-seconds-long TV spot which you can watch below.

The 12-episode show will air on CBC, BS-TBS, TBS and of course MBS.

The original manga is by Tsutomu Nihei and his characters will be adapted by Yuki Moriyama (Street Fighter x Tekken).Its story revolves around the human kind after it’s forced to leave planet Earth due to an alien invasion. The otherworldly beasts are called Gauna and they are not ready to let their prey just go like this. In order to save their lives, the humans utilise mecha called Morito.

Source: YouTube

The news is surely quite great for the fans of lighter sci-fi anime. What about the others?

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