Fairy Tail Matsuri: Special Chapters in 4 Magazines Annouced

Different Kodansha publishing magazines will participate in the Fairy Tail Matsuri (Festival). Part of it will be four different one-shots with main as well as secondary characters (at least 20 pages each) and the main manga. Read below to find you which chapter will be where, when and about whom!

Now that it’s officially confirmed, the Fairy Tail Matsuri will surely bring joy to the (not as few) fans of Hiro Mashima’s ecchi-filled shounen manga.

Bessatsu Shounen Magazine will release the one-shot which will revolve around Frosh and Sabertooth. It will come out in the magazine’s April issue (8th March).

Magazine Special’s 4th issue of the year will have the Juvia and Gray one-shot story. It’s coming out on 20th March.

Everybody’s favourite girl Erza will have her own story in the Young Magazine issue number 18th and it will be published on 31st March.

Monthly Shounen Magazine will not stay behind either. In its May issue, we will be able to read a special on Natsu and Lucy who will be joined by a mystery charecter.

To finish the number 7, the weekly edition of the Shounen Magazine will come out with three chapters of the main story (Tartarus arc) which will have coloured cover pages. A double chapter will be rleased in the 2nd of April issue.

Both Monthly Shounen and Young have not published anything by this mangaka before.

Source: Hiro Mashima

Are you gonna read all of these or do you not care at all?

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